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Pictures Of Preserving The Nature That Can Make Humanity Proud.

If we surrendered to earth's intelligence we could rise up rooted like trees. Nature is so often disregarded, that sometimes it’s easy to lose faith in humanity. but some people are giving it back to us by showing the utmost respect for the nature surrounding them. They go out of their way to maintain it, even in the most unusual situations because a man doesn't plan a tree for himself, he plans it for the prosperity.

From little seeds grow mighty trees that provide us with oxygen, and also blocking the unwanted attention.

Imagine a giant tree on your way to your bedroom, such a creative and thoughtful idea to have faith in humanity renewed.

These trees are here from ages , so the concrete streets definitely had to adjust, they follow the league of first come .

A place you share with mother nature , they have re-designed their house just to make space for trees.

In order to preserve it, the town of Pato Branco, Brazil, built a road around this Araucaria tree.Thats just a sensible step taken towards the betterement of our society.

Thats a brilliant way of Integrating trees in architecture is a simple way of giving life to dull piece of concrete , that we modern structure.

This supermarket has everything you need to shop , though its a caotic atmosphere and a busy place , they have still kept the natures essence alive by giving the tree its space.

Just de-rooting them is not an option because trees play such an important part in our ecosystem, and this man has proved it .

Getting creative with your work proves your capability , because nothing is impossible .

They treat the tree as a member of their family, this tree will never leaf their side they know and thats when they got creative with their house design.

The neighborhood bushes and trees were over grown and blocking the side path , so they planned to trimmed it in a way it can still be used with out harming the tree.

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